Wencel Worldwide
Your message includes an incentive to persuade the consumer to take immediate action, driving brand interaction that will lead to a current or future purchase.

Local Print

Print materials, such as newspapers, magazines, and other publications that are distributed on a local level.

Landing Page

A standalone web page, create specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. This is where the visitors will “land” when they click on the link/image.


Gamification involves utilizing games, such as blogger giveaways, competitions, interactive games, and prizes as marketing tools. Gamification incorporates fun and an element of competition to a marketing strategy.

Event Marketing

Designing or developing a themed activity, occasion, event, display, or exhibit to promote a product, cause, organization, etc.

Local Radio

Radio ads distributed to local radio stations only.

Push Notifications

The edges may be directed or undirected. For example, if the vertice represent people party.

Local TV

Television commercials that are shown on local channels only.

National TV

Television commercials that are shown nationally.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing. The goal of email marketing is to enhance the relationship between a business and their current or previous customers. Email marketing is meant to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.


A kiosk is a small physical structure (often including a computer and a display screen) that displays information for foot-traffic. Kiosks are common near the entrances of shopping malls providing shoppers with directions and mapping, and are commonly seen at hotels, trade shows, retailers, and professional conferences. More sophisticated kiosks let users interact and include touch screens, sound, and motion video.


Product attributes include things such as color, size, graphic designs, price and quality. Designing packaging from a marketing perspective also involves brand recognition. Brand recognition occurs when a consumer can identify a brand by its attributes.


The edges may be directed or undirected. For example, if the vertice represent people party.


A mobile “app” is an application designed to run on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The majority of apps are downloaded directly to target devices from an application delivery service like the iTunes App Store, Google Play, or Windows Phone Store. A great app lives at the intersection of solution and experience; the user has a need and a great app will fulfill that need with minimal barriers. Mobile devices inherently have a limited interactive space compared to desktop computers, so the experience has to be perfectly tailored or a user can become quickly disengaged.