• Headquartered in Chicago, Wencel Worldwide, Inc. provides advertising and marketing services to industries including: Manufacturing, Startups, CPG (Consumer Package Goods), Restaurants, Marketplaces, and SMB (Small Medium Business).
    Within the domain of production provided by manufacturing through machinery or tools, chemical, and biological processing, or formulation, is a gateway for digital marketing. Our agency pilots growing brands and sales by targeting specific audiences and markets with social media, seo/ppc campaigns, articles and blog writing, email newsletters and functions, customer relationship management, postcards and other marketing collateral, reporting, and website management. National Metal Fabricators and MAC Automation Concepts are among clients who have received the care and attention Wencel Worldwide provides by molding a sound formula to cover an extensive range of a company’s needs.
    It makes sense for a business that offers an innovative product, process, or service, in this case, a startup, to desire a website that is cutting-edge such as in design and structure. Online presence is a source to spearhead the development of product, brand, and customer awareness. Features addressed complement the requirements of a company’s focus to help ease the process in ways comprising of cost effectiveness, easy maintenance, as well as responsiveness, interactivity, and security. Our aim incorporates navigation translating to greater time spent on the website, more clicks, and conversions into sales/leads. SEO ensures that copy, navigational aids, and other elements are specifically worded and coded to produce the greatest amount of traffic from search engines.
    Products that keep consumers coming back generate a necessity for a website and marketing plan that do the same. Creative briefing, brand stories, site architecture along with responsive design and easy customizability, conceptual designs, social programs, social campaigning, wearables, events, qr codes, and shelf talkers, are among the blanketed reach. Managed brands subsume Borden, Xicala, Maracame, Famosa, and Tallgrass Beef.
    Amending digital opportunities lend themselves to merge into varying service models of restaurants. Fashion your ordering process in such a way, customers are drawn to purchase based on their location and suitability. Gibsons and Patti’s Sunrise Cafe have each had Apps for online ordering created by our team. Give your customers the option to order from an App on your site or App on the phone, submitted directly to your POS system that provides order status updates for pickup or delivery with the ability to be personalized flexibly such as setting different delivery zones for different distance radius circles around the restaurant (ex. $5 for within 1 mile, $10 within 2 miles, etc.).
    Online marketplaces connect buyers, suppliers, and vendors, in one convenient location. Being robust is a start to tackling the internet territory. A quality site can bring visitors and sales. Important factors include tools and widgets for customers to interact, information to keep it customer-friendly, email lists to sign up for, and payment gateways. The complexity of programming and mass marketing go a long way to drive business. PlasticsBiz is a unique and purposeful marketplace we have created.
    If you have a small or medium scale business, digital marketing can be the difference in boosting your sales. Jensen-Souders, Ekl Williams Provenzale, 11 Gables, KRD, and MK Construction are some names we have executed projects with, embracing complete follow through. Contact us to find out the many ways we can help you grow.
    In the breadth of capability in automotive digital marketing, our vast experience from tier 1 manufacturers, insurance/warranty providers, and over 300 car dealerships throughout the nation has been livened by seo, custom sites, custom software, etc. for clients including the Zeigler Maserati of Schaumburg. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.