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Knowing what to look for when assessing a brand can be challenging. Our workshops help your team members learn the key aspects of evaluating a business’s branding, website/SEO, and digital marketing, and how the interplay of these critical factors determine a brand’s overall appeal and level of influence in their industry.

We bring lunch and a speaker for no charge for groups of 5 or more people.

Our topics of discussion include:


From brand language, to visual identity, to the competitive landscape, and more, gaining a full picture of a brand and its competitors requires casting a wide net and analyzing dozens of important elements. Learn what those elements are and the tools you can use to evaluate them from our 45+ years of experience building brands from the ground up.

Social Media

While social media is one of the most important new forms of advertising of our time, it is a double-edged sword, and you need the tools to determine whether a potential investment is on the right side of the discussion in their industry. Learn how you can fully assess a brand’s social media presence — what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, what their competitors are doing — and ensure that social media is harnessed as an effective tool, and that online controversy doesn’t spoil an otherwise solid opportunity.


Almost every brand you come across has a website or some sort of online presence. But, how effective is that presence? Can new customers find that brand, or is it buried by competitors with more effective search engine optimization? Learn the key criteria to consider when evaluating a website, and the tools used by insiders to determine website traffic, search engine visibility, and how a brand’s online presence stacks up to its competitors.

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