We do dairy packaging. innovation. advertising. promotions. social media. web development.

We know the world of dairy and go far and wide to deliver results.

We are Wencel Worldwide.


We deliver for dairies.

For decades, Wencel Worldwide has been bringing fresh ideas to dairy brands. Originally Wencel Hess Design, we redesigned Dean’s Dairy milk packaging in the ’90s and designed the first single serve bottle of milk, the Dean’s Milk Chug.

Now, we use digital insights, social media strategies, and proven promotional tactics to help connect dairies to consumers and drive traffic to the refrigerated section of the supermarket.


Here's a few of the 100+ dairies we've worked with.


We do dairy packaging.

We make sure your brand jumps off the shelf with consumer-driven design that looks every bit as delicious as your dairy tastes.


We do dairy innovation.

Getting a new product off the ground is no easy feat. From generating names, to creating custom graphics, structural designs and running focus groups–we’ve got every step of the process covered.


We do dairy advertising.

We create strategic campaigns that capture your brand’s fabulous flavor and bring it to life in print, in-store, digital and outdoor.

  • RDigital Advertising
  • RSocial Media Marketing
  • RInfluencer Marketing
  • RPrint Advertising
  • RIn-Store/Point-of-Sale
  • ROutdoor/Out-of-Home
  • RShopper Marketing
  • RGiveaways/Promotions
  • RWeb Design/Development

We do dairy promotions.

We develop and manage powerful promotions for your dairy that work across channels, from online, to in-store, to outdoor and beyond.


We do dairy social media.

We maintain a constant dialogue with your consumers, creating interesting and informative content that includes videos, recipes, key dates, and influencer outreach.

Create promotions that stimulate user-generated content creation and get users engaged with your brand. Obtain evergreen, high-quality content without paying for pricy photographers or influencers.


Supercharge your growth.

Our unique approach to marketing gets more eyes in front of your products, period. In just 12 months, we helped one dairy client expand their website traffic by over 200,000 unique visitors and grew their customer email database by more than 900%. Let our expertise become your expertise.



Stand out from the crowd.

In the crowded social media space, it’s no simple feat to stick out from your competitors.

We’ll help you craft unique, viral campaigns that turn heads and get people talking, like these satirical April Fools Day posts that garnered over 1,500 shares, 3,000 reactions, and over 750 comments on Facebook alone.




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