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Building from a legacy of over 45 years, Wencel has worked for some of the most powerful brands in the world. Not only have we won the awards, we also have earned the respect from clients who profit from our brand development everyday.
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Why Wencel

Wide-ranging experience & knowledge allows us to rapidly adapt to changing market conditions

Lightning-fast response times mean we’re a partner you can rely on

With our finger on the pulse of the industry, Wencel’s creative minds never stop generating fresh ideas

Superior Design & Development
Held to the highest standard of software development, creative design, and marketing prowess

Industry Knowledge
45+ years of marketing experience/knowledge provides an invaluable competitive edge.

Our business is our life – and we love what we do. Our passion translates into your results.


With over 45 years of experience building brands and shaping their visual identity, Wencel has the tools to shape the message of any brand through innovative packaging, advertisements, and more.

While there’s no doubt that digital marketing is the source of most of today’s mainstream hype, the efficacy of direct mail marketing shouldn’t be forgotten in this digital age. Wencel’s experience crafting unique, provocative mailers can add an important dimension to any marketing strategy.

Every year, we hear about how more brick & mortar retailers are bowing to the pressure of internet retailers. With the selection, speed, and convenience e-commerce offers, it’s no surprise. Let Wencel’s marketing expertise and experience setting up complex online storefronts enable you to get the most out of the unlimited potential that exists in online retail. 

Reach potential customers directly in their inbox with innovative, eye-catching email marketing campaigns from Wencel Worldwide. We’ll work with you to ensure your campaign sticks out from the pack and maximizes your ROI. 

Give your customers a reason to expand their engagement with your brand through clever incentive programs. We’ll use our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work to help you shape incentive programs that will garner the highest possible engagement. 

Getting to know the strengths, weaknesses, and signature moves of your competitors is a critical strategy not only in sports, but also in business. Effective, targeted market research is arguably the most critical component of any marketing strategy, and Wencel has the tools & connections to gain insider data for almost any industry. From Nielsen/IRI data to SEO analytics, website assessments, social media performance analysis, and more, you give us the brand, and we’ll deliver a polished, comprehensive report that’ll make evaluating any industry a cinch. 

Packaging design is one of Wencel’s core competencies, a field that has earned us dozens of awards over decades working with both small businesses and some of America’s largest brands. Your brand’s packaging represents your first impression to a new consumer, and we’ll provide the guidance you need to capitalize on that first impression and gain a new customer for life. 

While the bulk of marketing efforts focus on getting customers to the point of purchase, it’s just as vital to target them when they’re already there. Wencel has developed tear-aways, display stands, coupons, loyalty cards, and more for large and small brands alike, and we’d love to apply that expertise to your business to guarantee you secure each and every sale.

Another of Wencel’s core competencies, search engine optimization is arguably the most essential part of any digital marketing campaign. Will your brand be discovered by thousands of new customers, or will you be buried deep in Google search results by competitors with more effective SEO? Wencel has its finger on the pulse of the search engine industry and is up-to-date with the most effective, “white-hat” tactics to expand your search engine presence without getting placed on Google’s “blacklist.” 

Social media has created a world in which we are all connected, rewriting the very definition of marketing and radically altering how we relate to one another and to advertising. However, social media is a double-edged sword, if you don’t exploit it, it may exploit you. Learn how to be on the right side of the discussion from our experience growing multi-million dollar brands’ social presence.

All individual marketing campaigns are cohesive elements of a larger, targeted marketing strategy. We’ll help ensure you don’t lose sight of the forest through the trees, and use market research to mold that larger strategy into one that ends with you gaining market share over your competitors. 

Some businesses believe they are too small to have a website or that it’s not necessary in their industry. However, research has shown that any business benefits from an easy-to-navigate, mobile responsive, search engine optimized, and well-designed web presence. Online “website-maker” tools lack the customization and analytics tools necessary to properly target consumers and don’t offer the professionalism that a custom-designed site from Wencel does. Web design has always been and will always be a core competency at Wencel Worldwide, and we’d love to apply that expertise to your brand’s digital presence.

Outdoor marketing, such as billboards, 

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