• Like any good architect will tell you, the first step to any large project is narrowing down and deciding upon a design. Without quality design work, one can throw all the hours & dollars in the world at a project, and it will never reach completion. At Wencel Worldwide, we combine years of experience in the print and digital design industries with the latest tools and the brightest talent, resulting in innovative, user-friendly designs that not only get the job done, but get it done with style and sophistication.
    We take these same, time-tested principles of design and apply them wherever they’re required, whether your project takes us into print design, web design, app design, or all of the above. Wencel will combine your vision with our expertise, to ensure that the aesthetics of your project are (1) consistent, (2) modern, (3) user-friendly, and (4) comply to best standards of design. We believe that a design that accomplishes these tasks lays the required foundation for the development work that follows, and establishes the positive trajectory of your project.
    When it comes to modern web design, trendy is the name of the game. Trends are quick to come and go in web design, but your project’s design will remain appealing for years to come. One of our most essential exercises, before green-lighting any design, is evaluating the aesthetics with the following question: “How will this design look in 5 years?” If the answer isn’t positive, it’s back to the drawing board. In an industry that evolves as quickly as this one, designing only for the present is imprudent. This principle is central to Wencel's design strategy, and a huge component of what separates Wencel Worldwide from other studios.
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